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not on any other views like Show all Responses (Allitems.aspx) or Graphical Summary view!!so make sure you are on "Overview" page to export Share Point survey data to spreadsheet.Employee satisfaction surveys typically have response rates in the 70% - 80% range (or higher).

In practical terms, realize that if you have a smaller number of respondents, you need much stronger results in order to draw conclusions from the numbers.Gaining an accurate understanding of your survey results is the final step in the survey process (excluding any action you might take based on those results).These tips are designed for employee satisfaction surveys or employee engagement surveys, but the same principles can be used for other types of surveys as well.The "confusing" question - there are many forms of confusing questions, but they all generally yield similar response patterns - you will see an unusually high number of "unable to rate" responses as well as a larger than average spread of responses in the frequency distribution.What you are seeing in these patterns is that people just did not understand the question or that different people interpreted the question differently.

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