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Staffed by genderqueer, male-to-female, and female-to-male volunteers, they offer counseling in Chinese about family, coming out, and medical issues.

Callers should complete an online form first, or submit English questions by email.

Webform: f.lingxi360.com/f/j200ca Email: [email protected] by Mr. C and Joanne Leung, a prominent trans woman from Hong Kong, this speaking tour aims to enhance the public's knowledge of transgender people.

Instead of showing these scupted images clearly as in the context of the museums where they are usually exhibited, Delogu allows them to emerge in a fleeting and hesitant manner from deep shadow, with contours barely defined.» The statue is a three dimensional thing, subject within the space in which it is situated, to light and the possibility of being viewed from various different points of view.

The most essential service is providing shelter for trans and genderqueer individuals seeking to escape abusive homes, with one month's accomodations provided at no cost.

They're always looking for donations of time and money to support the shelter's services and their online/offline consultation service.

A common theme of this exhibition is the statue and its portrait.

The face that is captured by the photographer has already been definitively fixed in time, but this does not mean that it cannot be reinterpreted. Johnson writes «his aim is clearly to interpret rather than to document.

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This exhibition brings together for the first time a series of portraits of Roman and Etruscan statues taken by Marco Delogu.

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