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According to Cicero, this method was developed by the poet Simonides of Ceos, who was the only survivor of a building collapse during a dinner he attended.Simonides was able to identify the dead, who were crushed beyond recognition, by remembering where the guests had been sitting.From this experience, he realized that it would be possible to remember anything by associating it with a mental image of a location.The loci system was used as a memory tool by both Greek and Roman orators, who took advantage of the technique to give speeches without the aid of notes.This method works well because it changes the way you remember, so that you use familiar locations to cue yourself about things.

Finally, go to the kitchen and picture a gallon of ice cream, melting as it slaves over a hot stove.

You can adapt this system by adding other buildings you know very well: your office building, a mall, your friend's house, a trip through your town, your garden -- any place you know well.

It doesn't matter how close or how far apart each room or location is.

It's based on the assumption that you can best remember places that you are familiar with, so if you can link something you need to remember with a place that you know very well, the location will serve as a clue that will help you to remember.

Devised during the days of the Roman Empire, the method of loci is really a sort of linking method with a twist.

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