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Will he feel snubbed, as he did with Adele, who ignored Bob’s calls and made an Oxfam donation instead? In 2008, she had to be restrained after throwing a punch at a passer-by who had heckled her outside a jazz club in London.

She had a traumatic 2008 (a miscarrriage; the break-up of her relationship with Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers; three weeks in a psychiatric clinic for depression; the death of a number of people close to her). I was the eye candy.‘Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband were there too and I kept thinking, “What are you all doing in the same room together? Shouldn’t you be telling each other you’re a*******s?

And the semi-conscious 30-year-old was apparently wrapped in a foil blanket and given oxygen as she recovered.

The paper quoted a witness as saying: "She was out of it, she didn't know where she was. ' and trying to give her water." Allen has not commented on the alleged incident, but a rep said: "She is totally fine and had a great Glastonbury." And it doesn't appear to have put her off of festivals, because she's been out at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London, this weekend.

‘With morning sickness you feel like you’re on a horrible cruise with all these horrible people and you’re stuck there for ever.

Poor, poor Midders,’ she says again, this time adding a tremulous Merchant Ivory accent for dramatic effect.

With her 30th birthday coming up next May, Allen, outspoken provocateur, outlandish trendsetter and relentlessly controversial pop star – who has famously feuded with Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton and the Beckhams and settled other disputes with both fists and feet – has finally found a little peace.

Allen’s professional life has been a stop-start success. One-hit wonder, lousy singer, mockney posho, unfit mother, ‘a feral woofy dog’, spoilt little rich girl, everything that is wrong with society today...

Understandably she was upset by it."The 22-year-old is due to return to the UK in the next few days.

We collected her this evening from a pizza place on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, where she had enjoyed supper with ‘my babies’ – husband Sam Cooper, a 37-year-old building boss, Ethel, three next week, and one-year-old Marnie.

And what of Geldof, the man she once dubbed ‘a sanctimonious prat’? There have been occasions when she has been downright savage.

There were protracted online tiffs with columnist Katie Hopkins, singers Courtney Love, Azealia Banks, Cheryl Cole (‘your mother must be so proud, stupid b****’) and the late Peaches Geldof. I thought, “Why is everyone OK with him being here? ”’We pass the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, scene of her return to the musical fray this April – her ‘Mumback’, as Allen wittily had it – following a four-year retreat to the Cotswolds to ‘have kids and pick flowers’.

She even took on the BNP, calling them ‘racist, homophobic Nazis’.‘I met him at a party, actually,’ she grimaces. The song This Is The Life For Me found Lily sitting at home with an infant (‘No energy left in me, the baby might have taken it all’) while studying social media photos of her mates (‘Everyone looks so wasted’).

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