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I believe that this is the reason this film was even greenlit, because the interaction amongst these women is just so naturally funny.I half think they ad-libbed a good portion of that, which may be why it was so funny. The subplot about Queen Latifah’s daughter being in music school personally touched me, as a musician.Natasha Lyonne’s sizzling hotness in this is undeniable.” 3 1/2 stars “It would be hard to imagine suffering through a more improbable, half-baked, doughy cake of a movie than Slums of Beverly Hills. There is no Beverly Hills venue pay-off to be found–surprising since Rodeo Drive, etc.In the concept stage, the movie probably looked promising, including the fact that it includes proven players such as Arkin, Tomei, etc. should be ripe for comedic exploitation; the title could just as easily have been Slums of Pomona.) steal the show, with a little comic relief help from Marisa Tomei and Carl Reiner.

Treads a fine line with over the top wantonness out of the good taste’s ballpark or just plain silliness, but still at times manages to be genuinely funny.

Later that night, Gina goes to Jorge’s salon to not only tell him about the tape, but that she knows he is not Jorge from Austria, but George Christie from Nebraska.

No sooner that Gina leaves, James and a few of his friends gives Jorge an extreme haircut as payback for what he did to her in trying to close her shop.

As Murray tries to keep the family in the Beverly Hills school district, the family moves into a one-bedroom apartment in a shabby complex.

When sexually liberated Rita (Marisa Tomei), daughter of Murray’s brother Mickey (Carl Reiner), checks out of a drug rehab and moves into the apartment, she becomes a “role model” for the young Vivian.

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