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Articles or books by two or more authors are cited as follows. Megasporogenesis and embryogenesis in three sympatric Posidonia seagrass species.

Soil, Fertilizer, and Plant Silicon Research in Japan.

Comparative floral ontogeny of Maesa (Maesaceae), Aegiceras (Myrsinaceae) and Embelia (Myrsinaceae): Taxonomic and phylogenetic implications.

The insect community associated with inflorescences of Heliconia caribaea in Venezuela.

Confronting a morphological nightmare: Revision of the neotropical genus Guatteria (Annonaceae). Can optimal defence theory be used to predict the distribution of plant chemical defences? What is the role of hybridization in the evolution of Cactaceae? The identity of "Unknown Z": Maburea Maas, a new genus of Olacaceae in Guyana. Flora Neotropica Monograph 18 Duguetia (Annonaceae).

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