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But he sang mostly in key and gave us a few patented rhythmic sways.(The dude seriously only moves in a small square foot when he’s on that huge stage and it seems to point to the fact that he’s as swallowed up in the competition around him as the stage swallows any hint of stage presence.) Here’s the thing about Aaron: I don’t hate him. It would be a shame to lose him this week, though, because his hair is finally working for him.

), I thought this was Katie’s best performance to date. However, I think he pulled it off (which wasn’t easy when his yellow polo was screaming at us).

I mean, the vocal run he did totally fell apart, but the ending was worthy. Glee wouldn’t be caught dead doing that arrangement of that song. Amy’s Rank – 6 of 9 Anyone who expected Crystal to flop during this performance probably should be institutionalized.

It’s crazy to think that she won’t crank out an individual, cool, jive version of her style of whatever song each week.

His eye contact situation didn’t make me feel as awkward and his vocals were mostly spot on.

It’s been rough.” Didi said that her experience in LA as a struggling artist prepared her for what happened last night. On their official Web site you’ll be treated to their “new” shows inspired by their actual shows.

“The Blind Sayid,” “Dancing With The Tsars,” and “Flasherforward.” Of course, it’s just all a neat little marketing ploy to get you to click on the logos which will then lead you straight to the show’s real Web sites - “Lost,” “Dancing With The Stars” and “Flash Forward.” I found it a little more entertaining than Google changing its name to Topeka.

Just once, I want someone to admit they are pissed and really wanted to win.

Didi won’t be that person but she did admit she was more than thrilled she made it at least to the top ten.

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