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"It was a hot day and we wanted something cold and refreshing.

Then we thought how cool would it be to drink a Coke in front of the White House! " "So I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping with my mother when we wanted to be silly and take a picture with Santa Claus," Jessica Sinacore tells us.

Lou may have gotten out, but she's determined to give back, to help those who couldn't get out.

Lou is definitely the star of this show, but I also liked her supporting cast.

They don't get to see each other a lot and really enjoy their time together. "The refreshing Cranberry Sprite was a thrist quencher after a long day of distributing flags in support of our veterans and community. " "The official story says that I rescued Onur from the street when he was almost dying," says Carla Toranzo, "but the real story is that he recued me, bringing stars and happiness to my life.

But getting closer to the truth also means that Lou is getting very very close to a violent killer.

We are hoping to be able to come and visit Atlanta, GA for a tour within the next year!

" "My Hungarian boyfriend visited me in DC," Kelly Siu tells us.

Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise "Lou" Norton has a new partner fresh from the Colorado Springs police department, and when they're called out to a death at a condominium construction site, Colin Taggert tells Lou that seventeen-year-old Monique Darson's death is a suicide, plain and simple.

Lou thinks Monique's death is neither plain nor simple... The main reason why she thinks the young girl didn't commit suicide is that she was found inside a property owned by Napoleon Crase, a self-made millionaire and the man Lou is convinced killed her missing sister Tori thirty years ago.

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