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Franchises would not be able to have drive-thru windows and would have to adhere to certain color, style, size and sign restrictions.

The town’s attorney, Greg Hardman, said since the insurance company tendered the town’s defense, .“I’m very saddened by having to make this decision,” Smith said.“It wasn’t an easy decision and it wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction.” Conflict with citizens Some Springdale residents have questioned the council’s decision to settle, while others have stood up and praised the council for making a difficult decision.In a letter to the town, Smith explained that part of the town’s decision to settle came from pressure put on them by their insurance company, which refused to renew their contract with them set to expire at the end of June if they didn’t settle.So, the Town Council voted in favor of the settlement June 29, after meeting with Izzy Poco, their lawyers and a mediator. A public hearing was initially slated for July 8 but because Izzy Poco had not signed yet, the hearing was postponed.

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SPRINGDALE — After five years of fighting a lawsuit, it appears the town of Springdale and the Izzy Poco sandwich shop have finally come to an agreement which would consist of a payout to the company and a change in the town’s formula ordinance.

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