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(The site has been down since last week "following a serious hack.")Chomsky, for his part, seems similarly befuddled.

In an email to Buzz Feed News, Chomsky said while it was possible he had endorsed the project, he had no recollection of doing so, "but that doesn’t prove much."But his endorsement, genuine or not, may be the key to unlocking the mystery behind Toddand Clare.

27 of this year: Tunde Reid-Kapo proves hard to find.Nor has the only other person strongly connected to Yamie Chess, the chess champion and professional poker player Jennifer Shahade.The extent of Drotar's involvement in Toddand Clare is unclear.Nexis searches in the three states associated with Toddand — California, where they claimed to live; Texas, where the website is registered; and Michigan, where they claim to have been childhood sweethearts — returned no results remotely resembling a married couple named Todd and Clare Hammond.The only obviously real and google-able person associated with the website Toddand (other than a programmer named Scott Drotar and a few now-baffled contractors) is Noam Chomsky, the leftist icon and Foucault interlocutor, whose endorsement of the Toddand Clare side project KATIA (an algorithm to weed sex offenders out of the site) was plastered all over Toddand Clare.

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However, a 2014 Fox News article cites "Tunde Reid-Kapo" as the CEO of Yamie Chess.

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