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I’ not only showcases a rich and diverse array of emergent UK underground talent, but packs plenty of raw, homegrown charm too.

A vociferous advocate of her adopted home city of Manchester, Madam X (aka Christiana Vassilakis) has championed local names like Fox, G. ONE and Marcx louder than most over the past few years.

Somehow he manages to paint pictures with his productions, exploring space and textures with classical instruments.

His music’s the kind of thing you want to listen to on a wind down, when you’ve just come back from a rough night.

Rena Harms' Cio-Cio San (the eponymous Madame Butterfly) presents too strident a voice compared to that of her colleagues and the likes of David Butt Philip (as Pinkerton, the US naval officer who is no gentleman) and Stephanie Windsor-Lewis (as Butterfly's handmaiden Suzuki) are competent enough but simply can't compete.

Whenever Harms opens her gorgeous gob, the rest of the cast become pallid in comparison and, consequently, the first act feels too much like one is being sung at rather than to.

Alongside her BPM (Big People Music) label crew, she has played a key role in the expansion of the city’s network of experimental, grime-centric producers.

It was important to showcase new, up-and-coming artists like T Man, Timbah and Trap Door, as well as those you might already be familiar with like Murlo, Dark0 or Sudanim.Their sounds compliment each other, but can also stand alone in their own right too, which is what feels special about the compilation.Could you pick out three tracks from ‘Kaizen Movements’ that you think everybody should listen to?One of the reviews I read dubbed ‘Lighthouse Blues’ as the “wild card selection”, which I felt was pretty fitting as it’s hard to compare it to anything else.Benjha’s someone I discovered on one of my Sound Cloud journeys, rummaging for new material, and I was taken aback by his music.

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