Updating your home with painting techniques

These promotions include updates to in-app purchases and updates to the product page.i OS 11 also adds updates regarding how to communicate with users, how to add your app icon, and how to release your app to the public.Small problems (such as a hidden water leak) can become big, expensive problems quickly; the longer you put off repairs, the more expensive those repairs will be.By pairing crisp white accessories like bed linens, a nightstand and a lamp, this transitional master bedroom is able to remain bright and airy despite olive-colored walls.They can show you how to maximize the energy efficiency of your home.An energy-efficient home will save you money now, which can be applied to other updates, and is a more valuable and marketable asset in the long run.For information on using asset catalogs refer to the App Store Icon guide.

Apple have stated that the app store icon in the asset catalog can't be transparent nor contain an alpha channel.On average, a gallon of paint costs around , leaving you plenty of money to buy rollers, painter's tape, drop cloths and brushes. An alternative to hiring a designer is to search for remodeling and decorating inspiration in design-oriented magazines, books, TV shows and websites.Simply tear out or print off the ideas you want to try and start your to-do list.Mature landscaping is also good for the environment, providing a necessary habitat for wildlife while adding valuable curb appeal to your home.No question that shrubs and colorful plants will add curb appeal to any home, but when shopping at your local garden center, make sure that you "think green." Purchase plants that are native to your region or plants that are drought-tolerant; these require less water and maintenance, which means more savings to you and more green in your wallet.

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Keep it simple — when remodeling on a tight budget, do-it-yourself projects are best.

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