What to know about dating a frenchman

A kiss on the lips definitely means that you want to have a relationship with this person. It may seem that French men keep their distance and avoid verbal affection.

There are exceptions, but in general, French men like to keep their independence.

Only a man with matching intelligence and charm would be noticed by a French woman.

No ‘pardon my French here’, this is real French and it’s all exaggerated gestures and dirty swear words simply because someone dared stop for a Like every other English expat girl, I was raised on a good dose of Hollywood drama, Frenchmen in films were like real-life Prince Charmings; saving the damsels in distress, opening doors for their girlfriends, buying flowers for their significant others just because…Last year, I moved to France (and wrote about the top differences between London and Paris) for the first time in my life. In an even shorter space of time, I realized that really dating a real Frenchman was nothing like the movies.

So here is why falling in love with a Frenchman isn’t all clichés!

French men have very good taste in women, and they really know how to seduce. Don't be surprised that the French usually do not date.

Actually, in their language, the word for a date is which literally means 'meeting you'.

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However, the 'you' means people, plural, not one person. They go to dinner parties on weekends where single people and people in relationships meet together to have pleasant cultural conversations, a few drinks and some fun.

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