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And Jaleel White, the 20-year-old, 5' 11" actor who has played Urkel since the show's first season (1989-90 on ABC), seems almost wistful. The game - a chance occurrence between stars of shows filmed in neighboring soundstages - points up two interesting truths about 20- year-old Jaleel White.

"Yeah, the suspenders are gone, but his saddle shoes will remain," he says. One, he is not the pratfalling geek Steve Urkel he has played so adeptly for eight successful seasons of "Family Matters." In fact, he is a basketball fanatic capable of beating Batman, even in "ol' fuddy duddy" shoes.

A comedy about a middle-class family, Family Matters starred Reginald Vel Johnson and Jo Marie Payton as Carl and Harriette Winslow.

They lived with their three children, Eddie, Laura and Judy, played by Darius Mc Crary, Kellie Shanygne Williams, and Jamimee Foxworth, plus Grandma Winslow (Rosetta Le Noire), sister-in-law Rachel (Telma Hopkins), and her little boy, Richie (Bryton Mc Clure).

"When ABC was stupid enough to not jump when they had the opportunity, and we grabbed the show, it turned out out to the single best thing I've done at CBS." "Family Matters" premiered in 1989 as a sort of alternative to the hit sitcom "The Cosby Show," which focused on an affluent upper- class clan of urban professionals.

"One of our priorities is to get a younger audience and no better show represents that demographic." Yet despite its longevity and its popularity among kids and young adults, "Family Matters" has never quite earned the respect of other sitcoms that have also hit the 200th episode mark - shows like "M*A*S*H*" or "Cheers." It has never been nominated for an Emmy, and few would argue that the television academy has overlooked it.Jaleel is a California native, born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles.Jaleel’s dad Michael is a dentist, his mom Gail, a housewife.Off the set, she says, White is "so cool and normal."For White, who lives in an L. apartment, normalcy means afternoon rehearsals at the Family Matters set in Burbank—where his dad, a dentist, and mom, a homemaker, still attend Friday night tapings--preceded by morning classes at UCLA, where he's just another undergrad studying film and television. He tries a simple, less flashy move, a strategy that has placed him ahead of Clooney. Indeed, he's happy to take a back seat to Urkel, a pop-culture icon so well known that the World Wide Web sports 572 sites that mention him.The Urkel wave began to crest eight years ago, when Steve Urkel, suspenders-wearing nerd and neighbor of the Winslow family, made a guest appearance on a midseason episode and captured the show. Two-hundred-plus episodes later, "Family Matters," and Urkel, are still going strong.

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