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Fimmel is extraordinarily soft-spoken—introverted, even—for a guy at risk of being typecast as a barbarian.

At an interview with three of his castmates at Comic-Con in July, Fimmel managed to get through the entire Q&A saying exactly zero words.

“Travis is a remarkable actor and we’re honored to continue our relationship with him after his recent magnetic performance on ‘Vikings’,” said Arturo Interian, History’s SVP of scripted programming.

It was hot, and Wanker wanted to stop in the shade.But he’s only now being tested in parts with more range, like his supporting role as a bearded-hipster pickle entrepreneur in the 2016 roman­tic comedy that was shot in Oregon and wrapped this summer.On that project, he ducked out for a few days to reel in his first steelhead with a friend at the mouth of the Chehalis River. The Blue Cut Fire had just broken out in San Bernardino, and disaster-relief crews were a constant presence on the highway.The Academy Award-winning actor looked dapper in a tuxedo, while Lindsay wore a tight-fitted black gown with a thigh-high slit.Ben wasn’t up for any recognition and was only there to cheer on Lindsay as Onlookers added that the new couple didn’t hide their affection at all and was seen “holding hands and whispering and smiling” at each other.

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